[Warlock Challenge] - [Simon the Craftsman Warlock]

Hello everyone! This is the character that I’m working on, his name is Simon, a young warlock and I’ll tell his story on the final post.
I wanted to work on the main parts of the body and his clothes first so I could get a better look on his character design, and I also didnt decide what his colors will be yet. Feedback is welcomed and thanks to everyone who is seeing this (this is day 2 btw).

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Hey guys this is day 3, I spent a lot of time thinking about Simon’s character design and I decided to torn some of his clothes because that will be part of his lore and I still have not figured out his colors

what are those sparkling things on his sleeves and coat?

those are supposed to be the fabric of the cloth that was torned, I’m just not sure how I make that clear visually

In that case I would try haircard. But if you’ve never done this before I wouldn’t suggest you include it in this challenge. It is a tricky thing to do.

I used Fibermesh, tomorrow I’ll try to do it some other way

Hello, this is day 4.
I got him to look more interesting by putting oversized clothes, and that is the thing that makes him stand out, like he is too young to be wearing those clothes and I also put a shirt behind all that to be his normal clothing.