[Warlock Challenge] - [Seneh the Fire Demon]

Hiya, I’ve been meaning to join a competition for ages, but never found the right time. This is my first, so looking forward to seeing how differently everyone interprets the prompt! I’ve gone with a piece of concept art by Dinulescu Alexandru called Seneh the Fire Demon. He was designed as a game character, so I thought it would be fun to interpret it for a VFX production. His story is he’s a mage seeking great power, and in his fervor gets absorbed by a dark evil found in an ancient forest.

Loving this prompt so far. I’ve blocked out the shape and general anatomy in T-pose and quickly shifted to the pose for the final image.

Original concept: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/e06VP6

I’m not the fastest sculptor, but I’m definitely getting faster as I go. I’ve been working on the mid-level details this weekend, and taking my time with the design choices around his anatomy. I’ve also been collecting loads of reference which I think will be invaluable over the next few weeks.

This has been so much fun! I normally feel tons of pressure to finish a sculpt immediately but the long deadline on this project means I’ve really had time to try things and scrap them if I don’t like the look. I’ve been playing with the props from the concept art today, and I began some of the finer details on his spine and lats. I may scrap this tomorrow morning when I have fresh eyes, but for now it’s progress :slight_smile: