[Warlock Challenge] - [SeiKuu]

Hello, this will be my entry for this challenge, i aim to make character similiar to Kokoshibo, from demon slayer, the eyes will be painted on, and instead of blade, he will use souls and magic to form the blade, something similliar to the Samurai 8 manga.
Excited to join this and wish you all good luck!

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Sculpting and topology will be done in blender, from the primitive shapes, this is where i began.

The second step is to add secondary muscle groups.

This is where im at now, treating this as my base mesh to start working from.

Added some clothes, now he looks like he gained a lot of weight, everything still in blender. Marvelous would be a great for this …

So, my progress is really slow, but! I debuffed him, gave him some base hair and remade the clothing into “normal” topology. So i can start detailing a bit and i can start to work on his face.


So after a long time, with a kind of bad news. Most likely I wont be able to finish this piece, but i dont want to just give up because of lack of time.
I did retopology and UVs, nothing special, but i think they are good enough.
I am even hoping to maybe give it away as a base mesh, with maybe some donations or something like that. But i would love to fix it before that, so please, give me any feedback on this!


@HuntahSVK Bruh there is still a lot of time left. You can still make something really dank. :metal: :metal:

Haha, thanks for the encouragement!

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So, if you want you can get the BaseMesh here, i am sorry its not a FN marketplace link, but i would not be approved. :smiley: Its free, you can test it out or do whatever you want with it.

So, texturing in blender was more fun that i anticipated, did first pass of the base color, no roughness or bump yet.
Kind of made a mistake where i was texturing on my bigger, less color accurate monitor. And then it turned out that he is too yellow, but whatever. :smiley:

I most likely wont stick to the theme, but i just want to finish this and dont quit it. :slightly_smiling_face: