[Warlock Challenge]- [Savage Warlock]

Hey I’m a first year game art Student at ARU , thought I’d take on the challenge , first time doing anything like this so here goes.

i wanted to move away from a mage wearing purple , so I thought about a character who lives in savage lands and scars magic runes into his own flesh and carries Demon skulls as a way to leach their power.

More pictures in comments.

![Zbrush Block out|690x418]

![warlock Blockout-Recovered|690x388]



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Nice job! Looking forward to this.

Just a quick Update , guess i should do this more…

Anyway between my current Uni projects i managed to get this guy to a semi final sculpt.

any feedback would be great

not sure on colour or anything yet haven’t!2020-04-06T23:00:00Z

Just a quick update , i got my character though retopo and got a decent bake after a bit of back and forth and started doing a bit of texturing today.

Not sold on the colours yet please give feedback !!

Annotation 2020-04-16 190700|359x500