[Warlock Challenge] – [Ragrim the Enslaver]

Ragrim the Enslaver

[A bit of lore]
Ragrim has always been the weakest amongst his brothers - he hasn’t been treated fair. He swore that one day he shall become the mightest being on the Realm. As a teenager power within Ragrim has awakened - he realised that he could trap souls and use them as he liked. He mastered his talent starting from small critters while now he is capable of enslaving powerful champions that aid him in his journey for power. He traps the souls in the masks that he creates; wearing them awakenes the spirit that has to fully obey Ragrim commands until either the mask is destroyed or the creator itself…

I managed to mash a rough blockout of my character. The design of Ragrim is rather simple, he doesn’t use any armor-like parts as he doesn’t really fight himself - the Spirit does all the dirty work. I’m planning to model multiple masks that will hang from Ragrim’s backpack (zelda inspired yo) yet I’m only planning to fully realize one Spirit to fit within the tris and texture budget. As for the Spirit - I don’t really have a clear vision for that yet, I will iterate on that part (maybe something totally otherworldy, maybe a female Spirit etc.)

C&Cs are most welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:


Spirit initial concept (it’s gonna change, this is just to give an idea):

[ Shaman King and JoJo inspired, as you can see :wink: ]


I love how functional the costume seems it should contrast nicely with the surreal spirits. Also love the JoJo reference :smiley: