[Warlock Challenge] Portal Dungeon

Hi there! This is my first time participating within a challenge!
I’m quite late in joining the competition, but i’m hoping to submit something effective within the time I have, I think it’ll be a good challenge to push myself with the constraints that I have. Because of this I want to do a low-poly stylized diorama for my warlock environment.

I’m going towards a portal/summoning room, that has a dungeon type theme to the aesthetic. I’m also going to have it situated within some sort of void, as if the power has completely destroyed it’s surroundings, and warped it to an unknown location.

I have created an extremely basic block out of shapes in UE4 to get an idea of composition, and lighting, i’ll slowly add in proper modeled assets to populate the scene.

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I have began to model various set dressing pieces that I will feature in my scene. I’m still keeping things low-poly, and want to experiment with both block colour, and proper substance texturing to see what yields better results for the final piece.

I have placed the assets I made into the scene without textures to see what works, and just get a better idea of composition. I’m quite liking how it looks so far, and will continue to go down the stylized root when moving onto texturing!

One thing I wanna make sure looks correct is the small point lights on the candles, i’ll continue to play around with that until I am happy.