[Warlock Challenge] - [Phurge, The Puppeteer]

Hello! I’ve been putting off my WIP thread for a while now, but here it is!

Above is my original concept for the character that I painted in Photoshop. I really wanted to do something Egyptian because I feel as if the concept of mummies is underutilized. Phurge is a character who has the power to puppeteer mummies to do his deeds. Often morally questionable deeds. In this thread, I will take you through my process of bringing this character to life as a game character model!

I started off with a generic base mesh and began sculpting away. I initially wanted him to be able to open and close his mouth, but I decided against it because of two reasons.

  1. I am designing this character to be intended to be used in a MOBA game, so I didn’t think that this detail would be necessary.
  2. I don’t have much experience with rigging, let alone facial rigging. So I wanted to keep it simple.

Eventually, I had a sculpt that I was pretty happy with. Some minor details like jewelry and the high-poly sculpt will be finished!

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@OffworldDemon Yo Nice. Beerus Vibes ! Heck Yea !

Thanks! Yeah, I can definitely see the Beerus vibes.