[Warlock Challenge] - [Nuna, the young shaman]

Hi everyone! I am very motivated to participate in this challenge, it will be an excellent test for my skills and improvement. I hope everyone is well and enjoy this opportunity to show our art.

My idea and concept is closely linked to the folklore of my country, specifically to the northern area, very rich in ancient traditions, cosmology, shamans and healers, beautiful goldsmiths, costumes and typical dances.


Nuna, the young shaman


Nuna was raised by her grandmother, a powerful and respected machi (female shaman) because her parents died fighting dark invading forces.

Since she was little, she was willing to learn the secrets of her ancestors and use that knowledge to help her people as a healer and spiritual protector. The ease and speed with which she learned about medicinal plants and substances pleasantly surprised her grandmother.

As an adult, Nuna was ready to take the next step in her training, mastering the power of spirits and dreams to protect her people from the impending arrival of a powerful evil force, which she had seen approaching in one of her premonitory dreams.

Nuna has the ability to summon her warrior ancestors.

Some references board…

First progress preview, female zbrush sculpt from last night and then 3d coat retopology.

I made some adjustments to the mesh with new topology in 3dsmax before sending it back to zbrush.

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Back in zbrush to adjust and fine-tune the general shape of the body and define the polygroups to facilitate posing and future animations.


Hi everyone! I hope you are well …

I did some polypaint and added volume of hair, lashes, and eyebrows for now. I still want to make some changes to the face and give the hair more movement.

Ahh and I’ve also been sketching and testing some clothing designs in photoshop, starting with simple shapes and painting over a full body render from Zbrush.


A little advance in the hair and some changes in the face. I will continue working on the hair to give it more dynamism, as if a soft wind was blowing it.

New face and some progress in clothing.

Working on new hair

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