[Warlock Challenge] – [Necromancer]

Hey, this is my first challenge. I was looking for a lot of concepts in Pinterest, Artstation etc… but this artwork by Silviu Sadoschi really caught my eye, I talked to Silviu and the people at Warlord Games about using his concept in this challenge and they gave me permission to use it in the challenge. I hope I can do justice to Silviu’s incredible artwork. I’ll be updating with progress over the next few days, see you guys.


Hello again, I started to break down the concept, it’s a composition between the mesh of the base I’m working on and some clippings of the concept. I don’t know how the chest teeth are attached, it seems that there is a missing string that would pass through the back, or I’m missing something, I will appreciate some suggestions.

I think if you look really closely in the concept on the tooth on the right, there is a rope connecting the teeth around the back of the neck. I could be wrong but I’m guessing the rope wraps around the teeth a couple times to hold them in place on either side then ties at the back of his neck. Anyway, good luck, you’ve made a good start already.