[Warlock Challenge] - [Nazuri the good warlock]

Hi, this is my entry for the Warlock Challenge. I have decided not to make a warlock, which is evil and dark, as you can imagine it in any children’s book. My character will be a good and strong warlock.

Now I would like to introduce you my ideas and especially my witch:

This is Nazuri, from the tribe of warlocks. She fights very hard with herself, because she realizes that she doesn’t want to belong to the brutal witches at all, but rather wants to change to the good side. However, a ritual and the birth into the wrong tribe stands in her way, but hopefully her determination and courage won’t let her down on her way.

My own sketch of her:

a small summary of my moodboard:

And heres my Blockout:

This is my second post for the Warlock Challenge. Right now I’m working on the face. I’m also revising the cape.
Let’s see how she looks like in the future.


Now my third WIP. I’m almost finished already, but forgot to post my WIP. In this case is my model is ready for texturing and looks quite good.

I forgot to post my final render here. So, here is my final render, which is already in the final submission post.