[Warlock Challenge] – [Master's Den]

Greetings everyone and good luck to all the other participants.It’s my first time taking part in a challenge and I hope to do my best. I won’t go too deep into the theme , but it is about a cave/den where the master warlock will leave his tools , for his followers.

This is my simple block-out with some post-processes done in Unreal Engine to get an idea for the 3D modeling and composition.
If you have any suggestions or questions , feel free to share/ask.

Today I was thinking about what materials to use on my hero props and got some crazy ideas , so I implemented them and did some changes to the block-out.I made the circular opening at the far side bigger and added a quick moon sketch in photoshop. Will start working on the independent meshes next , but wanted to be sure what the important models would be , because they take the most time.

Again feel free to add suggestions or ask about my process. :skull:

Did some kit bashing and texturing to see what combination of materials I want for the book model.

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A quick Sunday update , worked on the scene as a whole trying out different colors and camera angles for the main shot. I want the guy who is up close to be the victim , so I decided to shoot from below , aiming for a feeling that he is dominated by the warlock who is on top. Working on the hero models but I keep getting new inspirations and it’s hard for me to stick to only one idea.

Did a quick hi-poly sculpt of the main monolithic rock behind the warlock. Feedback is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

you could try making multiple small rocks sculpts, and then blending them together to make a larger chunk. It will help you save time in sculpt as well as assembling them. Before detailing the bigger chunk just block out the shape and then add the small ones to fit the bigger piece. Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

I can give you a basic example if you wish to see it. Good luck for the challenge :ghost:

Thank you for the help. I know what you mean and I’m gonna try it out. Don’t know how I didn’t think of doing it , but now it gave me some ideas for the altar and stairs. Thank you again and good luck to you too. :slight_smile:

Strained my nerves with cloth simulations and trying out different materials in Substance. :skull: This is the hood part of the warlock’s clothing.

I placed some of the almost finished models to see how it looks with lighting and now I’m more excited to finish the modelling stage and wrap things up. This way I will have more time for polishing as my 2D skills are not as good , so I need to rely on my 3D and rendering knowledge. Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

Latest Update: I have finished with most of the assets , so I started working on the overall composition and feel of the environment. Did a screenshot in the engine and worked on it in 2D with my mediocre painting skills , because I had trouble imagining the background. Gave me some good ideas. Sorry for the potato drawing. Feedback is welcome.

This is the latest update from me , changed a lot of stuff as I get new ideas all the time. Will try and use this layout to wrap it up. :slight_smile:

I made a GIF today to showcase the environment in real time with some VFX I made.Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome as always. :slight_smile: