[Warlock Challenge] - Master Chef

So a bit backwards but it’s in hope I can get some feedback and people can see it before seeing my awkward concept art start xD

Been working on the props and positioning.

Sooo, finally making my first WIP post ! I wanted to try something a bit cute and different. Turned out to be more mentally straining than I thought !

They call him the Master Chef, a cruel and evil warlock on the path to the ultimate feast.

He’s gone through many concepts and changes and I have finally settled on an idea, that is more of a turntable piece than a scene.

Here is my latest concept, which I will be blocking in ZBrush soon, followed up by some little snips of progress that lead me to this.

EDIT: Just found out I can only attach one picture as a new user, so will sure my workings in future.

Prominently using Zbrush and Photoshop, some Maya earlier as well. Looking to retop final piece in Maya, then texture in Substance (first time using), and present in Blender Eevee :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a little more to the concept, and I think I am happy to work with this one. After so many attempts and fails! Haha

Spent a little time blocking in ZBrush today, trying to only spend an hour or so each day on this for the next week to try and learn to optimise my time for efficiently.

Referencing a lot from Snowball from Secret Life of Pets.

Just some little updates focusing on his face, getting the smile right and overall shape