[Warlock Challenge] – [Lu Terbius]

Hello there! First time here. I’m a game art student and learning art in depth by my own. I will try to create a kind of male witch iterating between fantasy and maybe sci-fi. I’ll try to post frequently.

My first attempt to the mood board and references. I will be looking out for more witch gear.

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Early thumbnails in black and white I made today.

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I tried some color iterations to see how this goes. What do you think?


Another update I made tonight. I mixed my iterations with some sci fi and futuristic stuff. Gonna try something with colors and finally choose one. Which is your favorite?

I added some colors to test.


I tried a quick blockout to test posing. Not the final version but a base to test how light will react and so. Still need to be finished tho.

I ended up choosing the left one. I think it would fit my kind of new male witch based on sci fic. The final concept is still in dev but I have enough with the model sheet.

Finally working on the blockout.

Creating the armor in maya.

This is how it is going

References are important! Improving the anatomy.

Here are some points I do have to fix and make the whole piece in the same flow and style.