[Warlock Challenge] – [Koumajutsu]


Fase: part of HIGHPOLY #1


Hi guys !!
This is my first Blockout … this is: Koumajutsu.
The Koumajutsu invoke the demons thanks hers dark magic.
She is a demon that invoke the demons … :stuck_out_tongue:

The base of concept is in evolution … so i will change some parts.
I made the long arms … but i need of your opinions … what do you think about the arms? Are too long?
I like the deformation parts … but other points of view are very important in our work.

I hope that in the next step of Blockout i define the face and more parts of this base.

C&C are welcome … :slight_smile: :wink:

P.s.: Am I the only one participating in this challenge? :thinking:

[i post an other image because i can post only 1 picture for post … i’m a new user … :disappointed_relieved:]


Very nice! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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Hi! I like the arms length, looks other-worldly, which seems to be your objective with the character design. Can’t wait to see the progression!

Also, I will be entering this challenge too once I get time to work on my Warlock. So no, you’re not the only one.


I like that friendly competitive spirit! I am gonna take part in it too. Let the best artist win! :smiley: (Looking forward to your work)


Awesome! This will be a fun thread to follow! :smiley:

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Great stuff!
I’m loving the shapes and silhouette.
And i’m participating as well :grin:

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Great job! Does she has any sort of … weapon though?

Hi guys … and now the second BlockOut:

I modified the legs and add some new parts. I have changed the cloth around the arms and some other particulars . For this moment i delete the back top semi-circle around the neck … but i need of your opinions about this change.

Now i will work on back of character and on face to finish the blockout fase.

Thanks to @Artist_Sukh , @aaron3DMan , @henning @cabilo
To @VuongDao : Yes i thinked to magic stick but i don’t know … Do you haave some suggestion?

C&C are welcome … :wink:

  • netkingZ

Ok guys … i think to finished the blockout of character.

I changed the hands and the back cloths.

I made the face.
Now i will do the “magic stick” and … i have an idea to rappresent the magic power of my warlock … i hope to realize all parts of this project.

C&C are welcome … :wink:
Have a good period.

  • netkingZ

I really like the armors in the shoulders and in the knees. Keep it up!

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Hi guys … is past some time but i worked in this period , so …
thi is the update for today:

i worked for HighPoly in some parts. i worked on legs and arms , on belts and on face.
i changed the face and i think that this is better. (but your opinion is very importan!)

i have some questions for you:

Do you thinks that the character is to much heavy ?
Do you thinks that there are too many accessories or parts?
is the character too full overall?

i need of your opinions. To heard other thoughts is very important for me.

Next days i will work on top part of character and on skin and hair of this lady.

C&C are welcome … :wink:
Have a good period.

  • netkingZ

@netkingZ Yo ! This character is coming out really cool. You inspired me to work on this challenge so kudos to u bruh. Ok feedback time :crazy_face: could you put up the front view and side in renders. I think the amount of elements in the character are perfectly fine (i am having this doubt too). mjjj.
I am sorry if the feedback came out too harsh.

@Bharat Thanks for your comments . All opinions and comments are welcome.
i try to touch all arguments :

  • your tips about central part of body are very good and when i will pass the next days to deal the skin of character i will remember it.
  • the arms are disproportionate but is a desired choice. I deal this arguments in my first post:

the limit between a good disproportionate character and a bad character is little.
I want a character with long arms. :crazy_face:
I don’t know if this dispoportion is good or bad because my eyes are soak of this character so … all opinions different from my opinion are welcome … :slight_smile:

Below i post front and lateral view:

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@netkingZ ok wait i have an idea. Just see if u can test it out.

@netkingZ Here you go. Try this only on the base body and see if u feel if the proportions are good.
i like the long arms. But the Hips are way to big , maybe because it stylized !

This is looking amazing! We’ve featured you in our challenge update newsletter which just went out :slight_smile:

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Thanks you @emiliestabell , your act give me new energy to continue the development of this character. Do you have a link for the challenge update newsletter?
Thanks you.

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That’s so great to hear - I’ve sent you a copy of the newsletter on your email now :slight_smile: I’m really excited to see your final submission!

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Unfortunately you could not read my reply email , so i reply here … Thanks you @emiliestabell for your help. :relaxed:

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