[Warlock Challenge] - [Knell]

Hello hello! This is my first time joining a 3d challenge of any kind, and i’m very excited (and a healthy amount of terrified) to finally do so. I’m very fond of fantasy as a genre, so this seemed like the best time to try this out.

For over a hundred years straight Knell has been voted to be “The most obnoxious warlock” by the underworld’s underling community. This is mostly due to his methods of summoning his infernal imps. Instead of whispered chants and secret symbols, Knell uses his large collection of loud bells to literally raise hell. Most demons are willing to do his bidding just to make the ringing stop. For whom the bell tolls matters little to Knell, as long as it tolls loud.

So far i only have a single page of initial sketches and theme exploring to show. I’m still trying to figure out his general body shape, but the top right one is a strong contender. I’m hoping to finish his initial design with some color variations soon, once my schedule allows it.

Thank you for reading and Good Luck everyone!


Haha very original idea, cant wait to see this guy come to life :smiley:

@Tom_Miskell Thank you! Hopefully my 3d skills will be able to do this guy justice.

Speaking of the fellow, he went through a slight redesign, opted out of the jagged teeth for the moment and gave him a neck of sorts. The idea being that his neck is another bell that also acts as a lower jaw, and if his body would take too much damage he could just pop out of it and have his minion carry his head away.

As for the minion, i refined his sketch too and started playing around with some color schemes. He is Clapper the Dingbat, the only imp who is actually loyal to Knell.

Still need to work on the book, the weapon and some other accessories to break the symmetry a bit.

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Finally got around doing some blocking out for Knell and Clapper. Still very early and rough, but it’s a start.

Just a teeny tiny start of the week update: Clapper’s slowly but surely getting shape.

Clapper’s high poly is almost done, just need to work on his wings and horns. After that he’ll still need a bit of polish before i can start with the retopology.

I’ve also worked on Knell a bit. I really need to work on creating some cleaner shapes, but other than that i think he’s coming out fine so far.

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