[Warlock Challenge] - [Golden One]

Hi everyone!
It’s been a while since I last participated in a flippednormals Challenge and I’m excited to be back!
I Have a little twist for this one, going with a more lighthearted and uplifting version of a warlock. It’s not a typical Warlock but I hope the supernatural/magic abilities come through in this project!
I am using a concept art of the talented Cindy Avelino ( with permission of course:

I haven’t really done stylized art and while I will probably go with more of a semi-stylized look it will definitely be a challenge. Hopefully I can capture the emotion of this piece and create some appealing shapes.
Looking forward to seing what everybody else is coming up with!


Blockout in process! This stage will probably take some time, because I try to make it look good from many angles, which I find hard when I have a concept with only one angle…
Very humanoid anatomy with this guy, which makes it a bit easier for reference and everything. Not sure how I will make the fur yet though, because it’s a stylized piece so I guess fibermesh Is not an option. Sculpting it seems like a pain though and I dont know how it will turn out… If anyone reads this and has ana idea please let me know!


Nice Blockout Buddy :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Working on the head… Once I am finished I will attach it to the body but I like to keep it centered first to work in symmetry. still not sure how to approach stylized hair/fur


@lukaskut This looks sick dude ! I have been thinking about the stylized hair. I have an idea in mind, just not sure if its optimized enough, give me a day or 2 to look into it. I need to test it out. I will get back to you hopefully with positive results. Cheers man. All the Best. :grinning: :grinning:

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Thank you, I appreciate it @Bharat! I am thinking about creaating a curve or vdm brush but I am Looking forward to your idea! Ill work some more on the body for now. Best of luck to you as well!

Some more progress. Head is still placeholder to keep symmetry but trying to see where this is going.

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almost finished with sculpting. Maybe I need more details, but ill start some texturing soon and see how everything looks.

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Really hoping you’ll finish this n time :slight_smile: It looks great!!

Thanks for you genuine comment Emilie! :slight_smile: I think I’ll get it done!

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