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Hello everyone!
My name is Misha and Im from Russia (hope you will understand me :smile:) Finally Im ready to enrty Warlock Challenge. It`s my first challenge and first project creating game ready character. This challenge I think give me a EXP boost in creating game ready characters.
I decide firstly create overall shape and understand how my warlock will look like.
There is my reference board. The one who inspiered my is the top middle one: indian shaman, i took shape of his body, because i think warlock should be not just a guy with perfect body, he is book worm, so shape of his body should look like worm)

So after my board was finished i start creating my character. I have story in my mind, how he became a warlock, what cage he have behind his shoulders, but I think for now story
not finished)
There is my first sketch of Grinnvid (His name) Blocking out his body, clothes and staff.

I was changed his staff because first was awful and didnt match warlock`s shape.

There I was stop to blocking shape. Almost all details was added, exept shoes
ZBrush Movie4

Here is the final one. I added β€œsnikers” and today start working on anatomy and refining face and hands.
ZBrush 5.1

I started on monday and everyday since there i was thinking how often should i upload pics and show my work. I`m working everyday and can add all images i have at the end of a day, but i think its to much. At end of a day and during my work I trying to give myself feedback, but the best will be when people giving feedback, because they have fresh look to my piece. I really want to recieve feedback!
Thanks for your attention! Take care and leave a comment below))

Week passed. Last 7 days I was working on detail and retopologing mesh intead using zremesher. Its cool stuff, Im using Maya to this purpose, but only after retop of body, coat and shirt i found why my all my mesh relax im Maya and i cant move points alone. Before this I was thinking why does everybody like Maya in retop. And when i turned off soft selection I understood why))
One week progress

ZBrush Movie13


Looking awesome so far! The weapon is particularly interesting :smiley:

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Hi there! 18 days left and im scared, coz probably i wont have enough time to finish(
What I`ve done so far is only half of what i should do to finish my warlock.
Only 4-5 day I need to finish modeling and how much time I need to retop and texturing is unknown.
There is what i got right now. Almost everything is done exept clothes, hands and face details

ZBrush Movie20

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