[Warlock Challenge] [Francesca Aldamor]

Hey, everyone. This is my entry for the warlock challenge. After a bit of research I came across this lovely character owned by saintwalker1806. I started working on after getting his permission.

Here is her bio:

Once a distinguished professor in the Alabaster Lyceum of Emon, but in the course of her research she discovered a book talking about the Elder Gods, from a time long before the Divergence. Unfortunately, the Black Pharaoh, Nyarlathotep entered into her mind and started the seeds of madness. She was expelled from the Lyceum in disgrace as her theories got wilder and wilder, and her grip on sanity lessened with each passing day. She managed to separate in her own psyche the growing insanity that developed into it’s own personality, calling herself Raine. She “speaks” to the Black Pharaoh on many occasions but in certain moments, Francesca is able to wrest control of her body back from her other half.


Block out stage


looking nice so far

Block out pretty much completed. Gonna start working on the high res


Looking great so far

Nice work! Reminds me of the sister of my first DnD character :smiley:
I really like that her coat is to big for her in the conzept. I feel like it could be bigger in the 3D version.

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Quick update on the clothes.
I should be going all in next week, things have been crazy lately.

Y’all stay safe out there.


Progress update:

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