[Warlock Challenge] - [Forest Centaur Warlock]

Hello everyone,

I am late starting this challenge because I just finished my second year of the Game Design course at Fanshawe College (London, Ontario, Canada). I will try to get done this challenge but at least attempting to will be fun. I am thinking of creating a mash-up warlock. I am thinking of a mashup of a centaur, forest creature, old-man wizard. I’m not exactly sure yet what I settle on but it will be along this line. Good luck everyone!

Shawn Uttley

P.S. Flipped Normals is awesome!

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Just working on the primary and secondary forms. I hope to start tertiary details soon. Hopefully I can get this done in time for the deadline. As I said in my original post, I plan on him because a forest creature, so half-man half-woods idea. Its weird, I know. I just wanted to try something unique

It’s progressing. I don’t have time to really play with different designs. Just trying to get the high poly done asap so I can start the retop, then texturing.


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Just wanted to post this bake from a few days ago. I have been texturing and will be able to submit something tonight.

I do not know Marmoset Toolbag very well yet, so I am still tweaking this scene.

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