[Warlock Challenge] – [Enevadible End]

Hi, my name is Patrick Blankenzee, I am a Character artist from the Netherlands. My project is going to be a realistic warlock that can be used for movie and game cinematics. It’s going to be either a Demon or Tiefling, still undecided, the idea that he is the villain or end boss. So a demon in disguise.

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First, update a little while later! As we are all coping with COVID stuff, it was really hard to transition from work-related stuff to fun projects like this!

But I got my motivation back and started sculpting. I made a very quick base mesh in making human, just sometimes helps me speed up my workflow. Then made it in what it is now, As for now it is still concept sculpting and not really finalized and I wanted to put it out there.

Not sure yet about the wrinkles and other areas in the face, it’s a base to start from.
My inspiration is to create a realistic character like the henchmen from Thanos from the Marvel movies. But then in a DND related scenario. This Tiefling is part fay part demon there for the demon-like features. He will be wearing awesome robes. I’ve made a quick sketch just to get me started and from there I will go back and forth. Sculpting drawing and adding features where needed.


The next update will follow soon!


Update! sculpted a bit more on the face and pushed it towards maya, to see if it works, also blocked out a bit of the clothing but nothing to major yet!