[Warlock Challenge] - [Elananue, Misfortunate Elf]

Hello, hello! Like many others I’m trying my hand at this contest, it has definitely inspired me greatly! Win any prizes or not I’m taking away something from this contest :partying_face: I graduated a couple years ago but haven’t had any traction to do any projects outside of learning and trying to stay up to date. Silver lining of this quarantine has given me nothing but time so… I’m nervously moving forward and will try to update frequently.

Here’s the blocking for Elananue:

Elananue is less of a warlock in pursuit of darker wants and needs and more so tricked into forming a pact with a demon. She hides while she tries to live her life and find an answer for her situation, rarely calling upon the demon for any assistance even though it constantly goads her.

I’m thinking of adding the demon if I can finish her in a timely manner. Blocking and UV’s are done (or at least something acceptable to me) but please do throw me any critiques or questions as I’m eager to improve.

Next upload I plan on sculpting details for everything.