[Warlock Challenge] - [Efiron]

Hi all, I am a self-taught hobbyist, and I’ve never participated in a challenge before, so I’m pretty nervous.

Now that that’s been said, on to my character. His name is Efiron, and he is a very powerful, devil-borne spellcaster. However, there are a couple caveats. Firstly, Efiron’s father is a renowned mage-slayer, whom banished Efiron from his hometown upon discovering that he was a practitioner of the arcane. Secondly, Efiron has dyslexia, and often miscasts spells from his spellbook as a result. Some spells go horrendously awry, but many, actually manifest in unique and interesting ways. When Efiron miscasts in a way that seems beneficial, or just simply amuses him, he makes a mental note of exactly how the spell went wrong, so he may use it again later. The most notable of such spells is Efiron’s signature “Frieball”, a spell in which conjures up an arcane potato, enshrouded in mystic flames (there’s a hot-potato joke here, but I’m above that). Efiron has also discovered a way to supercharge his signature spell, into a devastating attack he calls “Spudeorite”. Having been exiled to the human lands, Efiron faces many prejudices daily, due to his devilish physical traits. This further exacerbates the rage and depression that Efiron feels due to being shunned by his own flesh and blood. Rage and depression consume Efiron, but one day, his dark magic will consume the world.

A little hair blockout. First time attempting hair cards, so hopefully this turns out ok…

A quick BPR render inside Zbrush to figure out if/where the face could use some work. Images from left to right: Quick and dirty polypaint, second image has a BPR filter applied to get an idea of how an emission on the eyes will look, and third image uses the same glow filter and a quick tweak on the lighting.

Any and all critique is helpful, thank you.