[Warlock Challenge] - [Dark Art Student Dornelle]

Hi everyone, first timer here. I’m an animator and I’m learning character art right now, super excited to be at this challenge. I’m going slightly off subject on this one for making a female character. Her name is Dornelle, she’s a half elf, and she studies “arcane dark art” (fancy way of saying ancient magic) in Dalaran University.

My idea for this character is to break the conventional setting restriction whenever we think about characters such as warlock, socerer and such. Dornelle is a character set in the distant future where technology, space colonization and magic coexist. So in this future Dalaran University, like Hogwartz, is a place where people come to study ancient powers and explore a better use for them. My goal is to fit as much characteristic on her as possible while retaining her obvious identity as a young attractive female student.

The design shown here is a kick starting prototype, everything will be subjected to change. At this point my primary focus would be trying my best to finish this challenge at all since I’ve already got many works at hand. Also can’t wait to see what others are coming up with, always love to see other talents at work.

MAR 16

I’m getting overwhelmed by my day works, but I have to finish this challenge before deadline. I don’t like screwing things up. The virus released by the Umbrella Coporation has overtaken my city, people are either dying or barricading at home. I’m surviving on emergency rations now but ain’t nothing will stop me.