[Warlock Challenge] - [Curse of the Warlock Puppet]

Hello all, my name is Mhiko and this is my first attempt at an art challenge. I’m a little late to the party but i don’t plan to let that deter me. My entry for the challenge is titled “Curse of the Warlock Puppet” From my understanding, a warlock is a witch who was cast away from their coven and is commonly associated with a more dark or demonic kind of magic.

It took me a bit to come up with a concept that felt right, but my idea was to make a warlock who turned his back on nature and assimilated magic infused limbs into his body until they corrupted and completely consumed him. As such my warlock is more a mass of limbs then a full body. Depending on my polycount and how much time I have left, I may either make his spirit crying in agony in his stomach cavity to show the torture his magic has brought on him or just make a cool magic sword.

I’ve gone through quite a few posts and i can only hope you will find my submission as cool and hopefully as intimidating as I’ve found most of yours. Wish me luck

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First step was to make a base mesh for my model, proportions aren’t great but they serve their purpose given most of the body was cut up into pieces

Also made a skeleton, just in case I have the time to make the aforementioned screaming soul for a stomach

Basic Blockouts and shapes are done, now to build up on them and work on the mask and Cloak

Mask is shaping up, onto the cloak!


I feel I should call this the rough draft of my submission, I’m going to get started on retopology and will refine the shapes and detail as I go as a way of saving time

Thought I should finish blocking out the soul too given the pace I seem to have built. Next shot should be of the retopology

Spent the last two days working on my retopology but I’m glad to say I can move on from this stage. My submission has a 56K tris count, due to the soul and extra pieces all of which have been rigged and weight painted to help with my final posing.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to pack so many objects into two UV tiles, so my approach was to use a UV Grid Map to help guide my layout paying attention to efficient placement for “human texturing” with as minimal stretching as I could get away with. As such, if anyone has any suggestions or input on how I could improve my layout it would be very welcome and appreciated

Now to finalize my details and get started on texturing

High Poly Model Complete, onto Baking!

This was a test on how to bake two objects of my model without using UDIMS, export them separately and then combine the two individual texture sets into one

https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DgBDo felt I should share this just in case anyone else had wondered about how to combine multiple texture sets into one and hadn’t stumbled across this yet.

Baked Perfectly! No artifacts, can finally add some texture and color. This is fun


Good job with the bake :smiley:
Can’t wait to see the final renders

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Thank you man, still trying to figure out a color scheme that fits… Kudos on your edits btw, black gold and red look great on your behemoth

Still figuring out my color scheme, so thought i’d settle my final pose and set up my unreal engine level for the final renders

Think I have my color scheme, including the tortured soul

Now to build up on everything and bring it all together, 3 days left

Working on my lighting and renders in Unreal, not much longer to go

And within 11 days Done!