[Warlock Challenge] - [Crow Mother]

Hi everyone! Welcome to my entry for the Warlock Challenge. I’ll try to post my progress as consistently as possible. Best of luck to all.

I’ve yet to decide her name so … Crow Mother will do for now. Using her manipulation and mind-controlling magic, she rose from the “witch of Foresight” to the King’s advisor to forming a kingdom of her own.

The progress so far


Here’s layout for the ideas

Some progress for the body

Here’s the quick concept. There might be a lot of change in the future though. Comments and critiques are most welcome.


Quick concept for the staff. A lot may change. Any thought?

Also quickly kit-bashing the hairstyle


This looks amazing. Loving the level of detail you’re going for - keep up the great work!

Awesome job! Can I ask what the name of the kitbash hair brush you’re using is?

Love the look you’re going for man, the dress, the staff, the jewelry and ornaments… I can’t wait to see the final submission