[Warlock Challenge] – [Chelay]

Hi, my name is Phil.
Im a visualgamedesing student from germany and I really enjoy sculptin.

This is my second challenge and i hope to achieve my goal!
My goal is not a crazzy desing, no. I want to get through the whole process of a 3D character.
I couldn’t do that in my ArtWar-Challange. I didnt know how to do manye things at this point but now i hope to get it done! :slight_smile:

Feedback is much appreciated c:

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/owndby_phil


Thats the sketch I’m startign to work with.

The idear was to create a normal warlock looking character BUT he has a ultra greatsword as weapon, wich is quite unusual for a walock.
Because a ultra greatsword is a heave and brutal weapon i wantet to make my character female and elegant looking, like she wears an evening dress.
Oh and yes, she dont use the ultra greatsword normally. It’s flying and listening to here command.


Thats my current state of work.
Character base and basic blockout is done :slight_smile:


Here is a an Update :slight_smile: