[Warlock Challenge] – [Blood rune Warlock]

Late to notice and first challenge to get on with.
My idea is to make a old warlock that is specialised on blood magic of sort. Runes to be spesific.
on props he will have staff that has a needle to collect blood from things. and it is also used to paint/carve runes to make spells.
He will carry several blood ampules of sorts on him also.

Got the base done for now and started to get some cloth/armor next.
Never done a game character before so retopology will be intresting. I will do the retopo last but dunno if i’m shooting myself in the leg with this decision.

Refined the base clothes added boots and some hip satchels. feels like i need to make it more stylized.

Did retopology on the base model.
now actually thinking i maybe should duplicate it and do high poly of it and the bake it as texture for better topology and textures.