Warlock Challenge - Blood cathedral

Hi guys ! :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing well ! I finally post some of my stuff here. For this challenge I decided to work on a “Blood Cathedral”. This huge structure is a place of worship for warlocks. They need to come together to summon a mighty blood demon. For their invocation they need a lot of blood. To bring all the ressource they need, blood falls from gargoyle inside the cathedral.
I don’t have a unique concept art as a guidline. For the building I used as main reference the Amiens Cathedral in France.

Here are some of the pictures/art that inspired me for this project.

I will post some of my Wip very soon. :slight_smile:

The last two weeks, I modeled some parts of the cathedral. I splitted them in order to use them as modules. Initially, I wanted to make more modular blocs and make High Poly of them. Unfortunately, I will not have the time to make everything I have in mind. Those parts are the minimum I need to make the all building. To tell the truth, I don’t know if I will have the time to make unique textures for each parts. For now, I use procedural approach for the texturing in Arnold.

Here is the last Wip image I have made. As you can see, there is still no blood. For now, it’s just a Big church :sweat_smile:. I also need to adjust the lighting (it burns the top of the structure). I need to make some props to help to understand the size of the building.

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Please submit this under “final submissions” so you can take part in the prize draw! This looks great and it would be a shame not to have it be part of the final lineup :slight_smile: