[Warlock Challenge] – [Beast Spiritualist]

Hello everyone!

I was researching whole internet and I have finally found the best concept for me for this challenge!

I have absolutely fell in love with concept from very talented artist Pedro Kruger.
He gave me permission to use this artwork for the challenge.

This is concept:

My idea/backstory for this character: He is very powerful old warlock, who summons wild animal spirits to fight for him.

Concept artist social media:


I’ve blocked out my model!


Pretty good blockout, think you can get the hat a bit bigger and the point a bit longer, other than that, it seems really close :wink:
Can’t wait to see this one complete :smiley:

Thank you! Yeah, I made this hat a little bit smaller than it’s on the concept, but it’s still to concider. I’ll be tweaking it probably when i’ll have almost done highpoly. Thank you for feedback!

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This is looking awesome already! can’t wait to see where you take this :smiley: