[Warlock Challenge] – [Barael]

you mean by that that you created a number of normal maps from different bakes and edited them in PS and then re-used the fixed map as a source? Or did you mean something completely different haha

Yes exactly! I made multiple bakes in substance with different settings, exported the result, and then imported the maps again to the project (so that they don’t get deleted when you rebake). Then I set up multiple fill layers with all the different bakes and used whatever worked best from each layer. Then when I was happy with the normal map I exported again and made a new project using the new normal as a base and baking all other maps based on it (this will result in less quality of for example the curvature map since you don’t directly use a high-poly anymore. However, from my testing results, it had sufficient quality and I didn’t want to spend the extra time to fix all other maps by hand)

I hope this makes a little more sense now and happy baking!