[Warlock Challenge] - [Axar]

Hey everyone,

I’m going to take a shot at this challenge too. Hoping I haven’t joined too late. I see some people in all of these threads have some good stuff going already.
I’ve started grabbing reference and doing some 2D drawing for poses. Just trying to have a bit of fun with it all.

Here is the base that I’m starting with.

Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:


Just a quick update. Trying to do something daily

Here’s tonight’s progress

Thought i’d try something out. I don’t really like it… but its what I made today, so ill post it anyway.

There’s a little bit more detail in this one although i need to drop it down a level or two and push the legs, feet, hands, etc. Had to split the head to control the sdivs at a more even level. Want to start working on pushing the design and character soon. Just need a more solid base to work from first.

I think I’m hitting a stage of diminishing returns - Need to make some bigger changes on the next one. Ready to start concepting a few different ideas in the next posts I think.
Here’s todays work. Cheers

It’s great that you post ideas you’re not sure about! Your next iterations are looking great. :slight_smile: Any reference ideas for his clothes or props yet?

Hey, yeah, cant be afraid to post the bad stuff. Trying to post every day, although today’s is a bit slack because its just a draw over. I have got loads of reference, but not specifically for clothes and props. I’m just building it up and throwing together what I think looks cool at the moment. I do have a plan for the final images I want, but I’m kinda enjoying the experimentation stages.
Thanks for stopping by! Yours is looking great too btw, I’m following along as you go. :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s slack post haha

I know this is a modeling competition, but I was playing around with some sims tests that were fun, so i thought id throw them on here too.

SmokeRenderTest_10 SmokeRenderTest_11


Getting a little more slack every night. Eep. Did some tests for armour shapes that I really am not a fan of. Also made some new alphas tonight to test some chest cracking stuff… but also not super happy with that haha. Might have to go to houdini and fracture the character up and then shift some pieces around a little. Really want to break the silhouette more.


I downloaded Houdini Apprentice tonight to mess around with some fractures. Here’s the results straight out of the box - Just imported into zbrush for presentation and workflow purposes.
Based on the backstory that I have given to the charcter I am going to need to fracture parts of him somehow for the final piece.
I’ve got a few ideas for some clothing and props - I’ll try to update with some of them through the week.

Just starting to refine the face a little. Need to spend some serious time on all of this… Not getting much time through the week.

Tonight’s progress. Lets see him with some crappy extracted clothes!! haha - once im ok with what hes wearing ill download the marvelous designer trial and see if we cant get something looking alright from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot his satchel bag thingy!

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