[Warlock Challenge] - [Amkhar]

Hey. First time participating in a FN challenge and I’m excited to push myself to the limits.
I’ve to admit that I’m not really comfortable with Fantasy/High Fantasy and had no idea what a Warlock is so I take advantage of freedom of interpretation what kind of magician my Warlock will be.

I decided to rethink my Warlock concept and go with a completely different direction. I wanna do an african themed battle monk kinda Warlock with some mix of scifi and traditional elements.


Really interesting idea for a character, I cant wait to see how he turns out.

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Started with the base mesh and face sculpting :partying_face:

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Some more progress steps from today. Defined the body a bit more and started creating the base for the clothing.


Hmm, I think I know you! :thinking:
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Slowly I am getting somewhere :slight_smile:


Overpaint for the clothing patterns and colours. Still not sure if I go dark like above or more colourful :thinking:


Done with the high poly. :slight_smile:


Retopology done so far. I am at 43k faces right now and I am happy with it. So I have some polygons left for the “magic” :smiley:


Done with UV’s and simple texturing as a base for my texture painting. Looking forward to give him a more stylised look. Still unsure if I go PBR or Unlit. Anyway. Here are some test renders to get into the mood.


Keep it up, Awesome renders!!!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Really appreciate it

This is looking super cool :slight_smile: well done! Can’t wait to see your final submission.

It’s bitter but I have lost all my files… Dunno if I can do another one in the remaining time…

Damn :frowning_face: Did you try looking for Auto saved files. U might recover something.

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Unfortunately not. Another challenge, another try I guess :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear this! Well done on keeping a positive mindset. Your work is great so we really hope to see you on the next challenge :slight_smile:

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Thanks Emilie :slight_smile:

Definitely won’t happen next time!

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