[Warlock Challange] - Lefrir the hollow angel

Hello folks!

I have been working in the shadows for around 5 days on this sculpt. It is my first time sculpting a real character. I’ve had the idea of a woman with tummy skeleton tail and a hollow tummy in my head for a long time, but never really made anything out of it. So this was a good way to use that design!

Since I started a bit late I chose to find a female body base on Sketchfab made by Cosmic 3D, the head was also found on sketchfab.

This is my moodboard

and here is my skecth (drawn on paper)

Last but not least here is the progress:

Changed the colours and will maybe add a staff. I am not fully satisfied with the look, so I would love to get some ideas! :smiley:

Detailed the wings a little bit and the texture of her skeleton

Tried to make an armature for the model, but failed (need to practice a lot more). I don’t have time due to school so here is the last pictures of the model, poly count around 90 000:

This was a fun new challange to try! Learned a lot and it really made me excited about sculpting digitally! ^^

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