Tolkien's Christmas - Krampus

Hi guys! so after I see over the discord that there’s actually one section to upload the wips I’ll do it the proper way and post it over here as much as possible.

Before I continue with I’ll make a shameless self-promotion sorry about it

and also I stream the process of this from where do I pick the image and how do I struggle with the initial alien phase of my sculpture.

after that big fail, I found me struggling to imagine the inner shapes of the body so I decide to make a paint over on the concept and over my sculpt as well, all of this with fresh new eyes. ( the next the after the stream)

-----As a new user I can only upload 1 image for now but you can find more over here:
The blog section over my ArtStation Blog (

I feel that after my own self-review this got a lot more sense, also I feel getting into Tolkien style will be the challenge for me since I’m not used to it that much, and after looking to the artbooks I feel I have now one direction of style in mind.

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Hi, guys hope all of you have a blast during this party days, also I’m still living and keep on working on the challenge, I know I’m running low on time now so time to turn the speed mode now :open_mouth:
here is my latest update on the guy so from this point now I think I might start the Tolkien style.


Out of that, I might wanna tweak a bit the mask and the hat of the mask

Haha so nice, love the Santa’s mask !

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thanks man, that small gag sell me the idea of krampus

Update before moving on the grooming, yesterday I took my time to make this coat.

Also I refine a bit more the face wich isnt gonna be covered totally on fur, Im willing to finish this today so lets see how far I can take it until the end of the day

Hi guys! It’s me again :slight_smile: After today I won’t be able to push it further so this is the point where I call it done (finish not perfect)
also, this year’s goal is finally to get my ArtStation trending pic so (shameless self-promotion) please make sure to stop over and leave some nice words with a like attached, let’s see if this year I can have my place over the trending section :slight_smile: .

Out of that, This challenge left me with a sensation of keep happiness for not leaving this on the WIP folder for the next 10 years or so, also Its nice to start the year with a contest, I’m looking forward to take part on more from the Flipped Normals community until the big one (the art station ones) comes that’s my main goal to win one of does.

Without further more thank you to the flipped normals team for creating such a great marketplace and youtube channel without them I really won’t be making this type of art quality:
final result

small turntable:

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