Tolkien’s Christmas – Gandalf meets Santa

I just binge watched multiple Flipped Normals sculpting tutorials on Youtube and remembered this challenge. It is pretty late but I’m going to try to push this to finish it in time! Here is my progress so far:


Few earlier WIP pictures:

Progressing, still working with symmetry

Alright, finished the sculpt and texturing but it is going to be a challenge to finish this in time.
I also sculpted and textured the eyeball and I think I am not using my time wisely here :laughing:

Started grooming in Blender which is something I’m not very experienced at so we will see!
Hopefully I can make it!

Made it finally!

Wish I had more time especially with the hair but it still came out better than I was hoping: Made the hat and clothes in Marvelous designer, rendered in Blender Cycles and took final image trough Photoshop.