The Valiant Little Tailor - Randy Ohling - Fairy Tales Challenge

I’m starting a little late, but I think this will be a fun project. I’m not too strong on concepting my own work, but hopefully it will turn out pretty cool.

The idea behind this project is to push the character into more of a fantasy world where he looks like a tailor by having weapons associated with tailoring and thread in hair and wrapped around arms.

The gist of the story is that he takes a white lie, which is blown out of proportion to a point where he he has to deeds to prove himself to the king; thus, he had to be very clever. So my goal is to make him look a little devious and clever. I also want to represent the deeds he has done through something, maybe tattoos or stamped on his shoulder armor because he is a very proud individual, since he has stitched “Seven at one stroke” (when it was only striking 7 flies) on his girdle in the beginning of the story.

Latest Update:

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Here is the blockout. I’ve decided on the sword being a needle mixed with rapier influences, the axe that he uses would be scissors, and the rope would be thread.

Here is some reference:

If I decide to do tattoos, I think moana did some really cool clear stories with their tattoos. So I’ll probably be inspired by how they approached them.

Here is the blockout:

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Here is an update on the high poly. Feel free to critique. I may or may not change some design aspects.

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I really like how you’ve implemented the tailoring accessories to his concept!

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Here is a small update. I didn’t get around to this character much this week. But I mainly worked on the hair, face, and scissors.