The Valiant Little Tailor - Mouse

I’ve been meaning to join a contest like this, found out about it kinda late so I’m gonna try my best to finish. Anyway my Idea is based on the Valiant Little Tailor with mouse twist. I’ll be designing while in 3d due to the deadline. Good luck everyone.


Here is my Reference mood board…


Here is my progress for tonight. A sketch to get me started, I’ll be making changes as a I go. 3D tomorrow.


Tonights progress. The hair is just something I’m playing with, likely not to stay. I don’t think I’m going to do too many flare offs either since it’s giving more a chipmunk feel. I need to make him a little more stout.


Going slowly. Refined the body to be a little bigger and touched up the face.


Update on the face I will move in to blocking the outfit.


I’m loving the eyes and shapes you’ve gone with for this. I look forward to seeing how it all comes out in the end

Thanks! Just chugging along.

Here is an update from the weekend. I nearly have everything blocked in. Having fun with the design and playing around with ideas.


Been working on this when I could. Based on the time left I doubt I’ll finished for the dead line line, but will work till up until the date.

The sword is a modified needle and the beetle is suppose to be what he throws while competing with the giant instead of a bird… because you know he’s a mouse…



I love it! Super cute and clean!

This is amazing! Really hope you’ll finish in time :slight_smile: Me and the team at FlippedNormals love it!

Remember to submit it under the final submissions! The deadline is today and it would be a shame not to have yours included :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words. I fell behind my schedule . Life happens. I’m currently trying to turn in something as I thought the deadline with tonight.

My finals. It been fun and exhausting. Till next time!