The Little robber maiden 200 years later (The Snow Queen)

I decided to make a little robber from the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. On the one hand, this is not a completely positive character with a difficult character formed by her environment and living conditions. On the other hand, she retains her sentimentality and empathy, which encourages her to help Gerda. What can this character look like in the entourage from the future? I don’t know for sure yet, but I’ll try to imagine it. What new technologies and materials can affect this character? I believe its inner essence will not change from this. It’s hard for me to judge the age of her character in the original fairy tale. But I think I will have it a little older, at the age of a teenager

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I’m looking for the image of a little robber. But probably her image will be less realistic

a little stylized

general design of clothing and equipment