The Golden Mermaid

Hello everyone!

I’m super excited to join this challenge and present to you my character concept, which is based off the fairytale titled, “The Golden Mermaid”.

Here’s the link if you want to read the original tale:

I will be creating the Golden Mermaid character, who is the goal of the story and would be the goal of the action-adventure game. The main character, the youngest prince, has to adventure through the land to find where she has been hidden away and rescue her. He needs her unique mermaid/aquatic powers to save his kingdom.

I’m aiming for a realistic (possibly Diablo-esque) style for my character. I took inspiration from beautiful, female renaissance paintings and fantasy potraits that give off an ethereal vibe. The mermaid (with two legs and no fish tail) is petite/short and only wears silk (she is enticed onto land with silk fabrics in the original story… also silk is soft on her dry skin lol). Her skin is naturally gold with scales traveling up and down her body (possibly white paint on arms? We’ll see!). Just picture a golden Aimee Garcia with long flowy hair, dressed in silk with cool water magic!

Anyways, here is the moodboard, I’ll be back with a more finalized 2d sketch and then off to ZBrush! Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Hello again!

Here is just a quick update with my reference pictures and outfit inspiration! Her clothing is going to be solely silk and silk tulle with touches of metals (like bracelets, anklets, clothing clasps, etc…).

I’m stuck between a big ornamental hair piece or a small circlet with a silk tulle veil, so any thoughts about this would be much appreciated!

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Loving your idea, looking forward to it!
Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

Thank you!:smiley: I look forward to seeing your Frankenstein war veteran!

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Here’s my official character concept.

I wanted to add some Mayan inspiration to my Golden Mermaid so I googled Mayan Traditional Clothing and found some great references! Additionally, I found a Mayan symbol “Muluk”, which means water/raindrops and I included it on her necklace and painted on her stomach. I decided to instead have her skin Aimee’s normal color with gold, white and possibly blue paint on top! She will still have golden eyes though. :wink:

Here’s the link I used for my symbol:

She also will have paint on her face, arms and legs. Her clothing is a wrap skirt held up by a leather belt inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest (but that’s going to change to a coiled piece of silk tied in the front). Also, she’ll have a top tied in the front and a ornamental neck piece with both Mayan and Renaissance influences.

Everything she’s wearing is either silk or metal and I tried to think of clothing that could be made without a sewing machine. Anything metal would’ve been gifted to her by her captor (who is trying to woo her and use her powers for their own).

Stay tuned for sculpting progress in the next few days! :smiley:


Really looking forward to seeing how she turns out! Good luck with her :smiley:

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Thank you! :smiley:

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