The Dark Pharaoh - Nyarlathotep's Acolyte


This is my very first time participating in a challenge!

I hope you guys appreciate my work!

The idea is make a Pharaoh that is a Nyarlathotep’s acolyte on his corrupted form.

After all the dark knoleage that Nyarlathotep gave to him, his body started to transform and became annormally deformed and strange in various ways. However, the infinite dark arts knoleage he received, made him immortal throught time and in some ways he became more look a like to Nyarlathotep it self.

Here is the Moodboard with my references.

The frist idea, was make Nyarlathotep it self, following the Sadan Vague’s version of the character, but I’ve decided to participate the challenge.

According to the rules, the character must be completely original, in that case, I’ve used the staring phase of the model that I made as a base mesh for the corrupted pharaoh’s form that I’ve imagened.

NOTE: I’m recording all the process, and at the end of the project, I’ll post the complete process on my youtube channel.