The Brides of Dracula - Noir style

Hi everyone!

I`m very excited to take part in Fairy Tales challenge!

My work is based of original Bram Stoker’s novel named “Dracula”.
Or, to be more specific, I`ll be creating the brides of Dracula.
They are three beautiful female vampire, and like Dracula, they are the living dead.
I want to put their from the 19th century to 1930-1940s.
Main direction of style is Noir films with character traits like “Femme fatale” image,
scene of never-ending smoking and plenty of guns in ever screen capture.

Below you may see my moodboard that express a general style of my future work.

That`s my first contest and I hope I will realize all my ideas :sweat_smile:


Love the concept. It sounds like my character in Vampire the Masquerade lol.

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oh, i love this game so much :heart_eyes:
whait for “vampire the masquerade - bloodlines 2”, but i don`t think that developers finally finish it, lol )))

Finally the base for my vampire girls is ready!
I tried to do them differently beautiful and extraordinary :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now I`m planning to add details in their outlook, and after I would start making clothes in Marvelous Designer :dancer:

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The base for clothes and shoes is finished! Also I got plans to make a gloves and
lady’s hat, and for this I will return to ZBrush :slightly_smiling_face:


My girls are ready for retopo :smirk:

Retopo is completely finished :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally my girls are finished :sweat_smile:

You can see my report here: