[Steampunk Genie] WIP - Fairy Tales Challenge

Hey again guys. Glad to be back doing a cool challenge. Learnt a lot from the Warlock Challenge and hope to do something better and try to bite less off for me to chew.

The optimum word there being, “Try”.

Fo the Fairy Tale Challenge I would like to try my hand at a Steampunk Genie from Aladdin or Arabian Nights.

I loved the old Victorian Automatons and the Zoltar Fortune Teller machines (like the one from the movie “Big”) and would like to take influences from them for my character.

I’ll start blocking out soon and get back.


Great idea! I’m really looking forward to continuing. Such Automatons always frightened me, but I think that it will turn out very cool!

Thanks. I am a fan of your concept too.

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Haven’t had much time to work on the Genie but have grabbed what time I can here and there and have finally something to show.



Have most of the torso done in Zbrush.

The disc is going to be a “Wish Dial”, like a pressure dial but showing the number of wishes.

Will be adding most of the steampunky stuff in 3DsMax or later while texturing . Wanted to at least make a guy who looked like a Genie before I start hacking him apart.

Will work on the housing under his torso next. Where the machinery is housed that give him flight.

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Put together the start of my Genie’s Flying lower portion.

The 4 main engines keep him up, the manuevering thrusters around the edge steer.

There is gonna be a lot of pipes and outlets to add but I think I might start on the lamp next and sort out how I am going to connect him to it.

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Made a little pipe set and used it to put together the Steampunk Lamp.

Going to add a “RUB TO USE DEVICE” sign onto the centre part along with a makers mark “CAVERN OF WONDERS INC.” on the other side. Going to add something similar on the Genie’s lower back.

Then I made a device for lengthening the fuel cord that goes from it into his back, like a little backpack with the cord coiled in it.

Fairly happy with what I have at the moment.

Not too sold on the little wings I added but I was getting annoyed that if he was gonna float like that he would be terribly unstable as he was.

Going to start on the finsihing touches now, bolts, fuel cables, venting and mechanical stuff. Then time to retopo the rest.

I went back and redid the flying base and got rid of them silly wings.

Made it a bit bigger for stability instead and turned the stabilisation ring 45 degrees to show off the front more.

I finished UVing and am now moving over into Substance Painter to finally get painting.

Really cool concept, the only thing that’s really bugging me is that right thumb. That’s just not how thumbs work. Try bend your thumb that way and see how it actually looks. Right now it just looks super out of place

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Ah yes thank you mate. Constantly staring at loads of pieces it’s easy to miss obvious stuff. Not that I am the best with hands, probably has to do with how odd my own hands are, Short and stubby.

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Put together a few quick renders in Substance Painter the Genie with the textures added.

I have a few problems with my UV’s. Really need to practice UVing in the future as I have a few stretching problems that I now know how to fix but running out of time. And my fingers are a right mess.

But hoping to use the time I got left to add a few background elements to really bring out my story.

A few engineers standing around the genie in a Hangar-like Victorian Factory with “Wished Objects” scattered around. Like a treasure chest spilling gold around it, a few paintings etc.

We will see how much I can do before the end.

Oh and of course the rocket engine fire effect and smoke fired out of the stabilizers.

I have added the new scene to Unreal and added some planes with alphas for the rockets, smoke from stabalizers, the smoke cloud generated by them and a plane for some sparks.

Added a load of lights for all the light sources that can be seen as well as a few offscreen (burning generators as well as some moonlight filtering in from skylights above)

I was worried that my little engineers made up of a slightly extruded shape would look terrible but I am pretty happy with the result.

Need to clean up some stuff and colour correct the renders and I am pretty much finished.

Been super fun.

Looks super cool! The lighting really brings it together. The one thing that stands out are the alpha planes for the fire, if you can get a nicer opacity fade I think they’ll look better.

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Another good catch. Redoing alpha now. Thanks again.

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Finished and added to Final Submissions.

Thanks for all the help guys and gals. Loved every minute of the contest.

Good Luck!