Sleepy Bunny Beauty

Hi Guys!

Excited about entering this challenge!

I’m entering with some specific goals in mind, mainly to clean up both work flow and finished character.
A list of things I want to improve on:

-File naming/Clean organised folders
May seem like a silly thing to have as main focus, but I realized after doing a week long game jam that I desperately need to work on some good routines to be able to focus in crunch times

-Clear concept - Have a plan and stick to it
Allowing for modifications of course, but sometimes I tend to get carried away and lose sight of what’s important. So this time I will write down some clear guidelines, check in on them regularly, reviewing my sculpt and make sure everything aids the key story points I want the character to express

-Simple and Clean
Not as easy as it sounds, but let’s give it a try!


This character was drawn during a drawpile session with a friend and was waiting for a purpose I feel. I’ve been wanting to sculpt her for a while, and this felt like a nice fit.

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