Secret Warlock Room (for dark rituals)

Hey, my name is Atlija Obrad and i am a 3d Enviroment & Prop Artist from Switzerland.
I joined the Challenge since the begin of it, but i forget to create a Tobic. So this is my entry for the Warlock Challenge.
Now more then never :stuck_out_tongue:
I will create a secret room for very dark and dangerous rituals. I dont have so much references because i create most thinks from my head. The only Asset i had a reference was the fireplace(design by Sam Petersen, )
As you see ouer Warlock did something wrong and something happened…

I create all assets in Maya, high polys in zbrush and texturing in substance painter. I use ue4 for the final render. Here you see the blockout and 2 heroe Pieces + my current progress, the last heroe piece is in Progress. I have to create a tonn of assets more to fill the scene up. I hope you like it so far :smiley:
I wish you all good luck & may the passion be with you!

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I create a second topic for my project because i was a bit confused. its my first challenge here .please go to my second topic i have all stuff there. I am Sorry.