Sci Fi - RRH - Return of the re...redie?

Im very tired but UVING allll done. Now gotta figure out how to get Lambert working in Maya LT. So i can start texturing.

Retopo done, now to fight some pesky UV maps, hopeing to have the uvs done by tonight :o!

Alright alright alrightttt! finally touches on the model done, think im about ready for some Retopo and uving! i scrapped the mech arm as im not strong enough with my hard surface too pull it off well, let alone have the time to make it with the finish line fast approaching so sacrifices must be made, but hoping they dont take away from the project too much!

Working on a box model too sculpt for whats guna be a sword of sudo light saber, i… may or may not have started this just to make a glowing sword wielding person with scars as well. Yes.

going to be compiling it all later, need to get my hands on Maya LT as my older licence ran out for retopo and uving, also had a happy accident? i wanted to make like coil like effect and accidentally made it with like… one subdivision on a base geo object from C4D.

That pun title was better in my head and i dont think makes sense owno.

Anywho heya people been loving watching peoples stuff, iv only been able to act on the feedback i got almost a month ago due too some IRL shenanigans either way ill finish the project as damn, im loving it. Will still end up with a really nice portfolio piece either way. Hope everyones enjoying there submissions too :slight_smile:

(Concepting is harder then i thought you people are wizards)

Ow also sorry for a new post, i could not seem to find my old one via the “similar too” Menu hope this is alright is not ill try merge them somehow.


Clocks ticking, but its not late to get done, interesting how you gonna turn it to life.You can make it!

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Im not throwing in the towel just yet but after missing nearly a month defo cutting it close, cheers for the pep either way im super proud of her alredy haha.

Well looks like this is the end for me! Finialsed everything ready for substance just to find out Maya LT has a tiny export limit so i cant get the High mesh with all the small changes and correct size out of Maya.

Such a shame to have such a ceremoniallysly kick in the teeth but ay, shoudla done more reading before trying. Thanks for the inspiration.