♠ Samurai Red Riding-Hood

I thought of devellopping a parallel-universe an version of Red Rinding Hood, in which she is not a vunnerable girl walking through the forest, but instead, a badass samurai girl who fears nothing and no one, she carries 2/3 katanas, traditional leather armour, has a “Granny” tatoo on her arm or somewhere else (i’ll see where it sticks) and carries a asian styled basket of apples oooooooor the head of the wolf, (most likely the wolf but i’ll find a place for the apples too). Lastly I am only modelling the head of the wof to leave polycount for a little diorrama for her to stand on, I am thinking to stay on theme, and make her stand on a path on a bamboo forest.


Im loving the idea! I cant wait to see how it develops