Samurai Red Riding-Hood - Day 4

Been quite busy, but managed to fit some hours into the contest, hope I don’t fall off tbh.
The aim to make her stand out from the others is to have a Samurai Red Riding hood in Zelda style sort of… I also Intend to include the wolf and one of the ways was to add it as a spirit behind her, this would help frame her, i don’t mind the polycount, I’m pretty sure i can fit the whole shabang within 80k even and purposely bump it up to 99,999 polygons for the memes but we’ll see…the file got corrupted 6 times already, my patience is running thin :slight_smile:


I love this! One of my personal favorites :slight_smile: Ma and the team at FlippedNormals really hope you finish it in time for the deadline! It’s too good not to be part of the final lineup

Remember to submit it under the final submissions! The deadline is today and it would be a shame not to have yours included :slight_smile:

thanks for the awesome information..