Rules for the Warlock Challenge - Real-Time Game Character

Thank you, Morten, for clearing that up for me.

Hello sir i have a little confusion. Can u pls explain how i submit my final image with texture Or without texture Or by final rendering in marmost tool bag.

It’s entirely up to you. I suggest with textures to display your character as complete as possible.
And yes, it has to be captured from within a real-time engine like marmoset.

Hi there! I see that two 4k map sets are OK but what about using multiple uv sets/udims?

Your two 4k map sets should contain all types of maps. Albedo, emissive, roughness etc.
Effectively you could spread your character over two udims. But anyone more break the rules. You will still only be allowed two 4k map sets

Hello @Morten , i have some question:
If i have my character with a weapon …
the weapon don’t have a dedicated 4K (or 2K) texture , right?
So character and weapon are in same 2 Texture 4K, right?

Other elements , for example power effects sculpted externat to character , are inside of 2 Texture 4k, right?

When you say that we only can use two 4k map sets you mean that we only can use two materials?

Hello! I feel ridiculous asking this but I just can’t for the likes of me find how to change the thumbnail of my post. I did it before but now I have no edit button next to the thread title. Were there any UI changes done or has the isolation taken its toll on me?

@Morten Hello Sir, I have a few queries regarding the final renders. So for the front,side and back view renders - are they supposed to be submitted in A pose, or a dynamic pose of all sides is good to go? Also can i add a Environment asset to support the character in the beauty shot? Also how many render shot could i submit ? Sorry for too many questions :sweat_smile:

All elements count toward your limit.

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You can use as many materials as you like, you’re just restricted to 2 sets.
Now those 2 sets can contain stuff like albedo, roughness, emmission etc