Robin Hood - Overwatch Style (WIP)

Hello everybody! I am very excited about this challenge. I have a big passion for stylized games like Overwatch and I love archers hence I chose for my fairy tale to do Robin Hood in the modern day in Overwatch style. I was thinking of making him a skin for Hanzo but thern he will be Hanzo and not Robin Hood. I started with a base mesh because I wanted to see what look I am going for and I really liked the result but I felt like it might not be fair to everyone if I start off with a good base mesh so I decided to recreate the base mesh from scratch using spheres. I started creating the landmarsk for the anatomy using Clay Build Up, Dam Standard, Move and Inflate brush. You can see my breakdown through the Sreenshots I have taken of my progress. I am still in the beginnig stages as I started a bit late. I will refine the body a little bit more and finish the hands, then I will move onto making the clothes. In my reference board I have used a lot of Hanzo, Soldier - 76 and Reaper refrences straight from Overwatch. Other refrences I am using are Green Arrow and Hawkeye. I have rebuilt the base mesh from scratch but I decided to keep the eyebrows and the teeth as they have good topology.

3/12 - First WIP update


I don’t know if I am updating this post or not its a bit confusing do I make a new topic or reply on my old one. I have made most of the sculpt for my character. Everything on him is made in Zbrush except the bow and the bag/quiver. I will update later on my Wip of how I got to this point the reason I will do it later is because when I am making characters I get in the zone and don’t stop so later I make screenshots to document my process. I will breakdown my process with those screenshots. Soon I will finish with the sculpt and I will move onto retopo and UVs. Since my last update I have refined the face more I made the ears and I created the torso, hoodie and accesoories for the sholedrs, arms and legs plus the shoes. And in Maya I modelled the bow and bag. I apologize for the chaotic organisation and presentation of my work.