Ramual the Dark Guardian

Ramual, the Dark Guardian is inspired from the world of Armello, an awesome game by League of Geeks. He may look gentle but tis all a facade to lure you into his wooded lair . He has resonated evil forces in the dark forests for centuries, conjuring up knowledge for his personal gain of protecting his home, the dark woods.

I’ve created him in Zbrush, then he will be topologized and unwrapped in Maya and finally be texturing in Substance Designer. Still modelling in symmetry, so his pose at the moment looks off. I am having trouble with the placement of the arms and hands, and how to model his hands. I think think his proportions a little off, but Im starting to get tunnel vision, so any feedback and advice is appreciated.

This concept was created by the amazing, Sergy SerSpirit, please check out his artstation for the reference!

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Only a week left and still so much to do!
Still need to cleanup the normals map, and texture.